Video: Big Browns in a Little-Known Corner of Africa

How many of you can find the Kingdom of Lesotho on a map? (Or pronounce it correctly?) Here’s a very cool video showing the kind of fly fishing for brown trout that is available in the mountainous region of this tiny African nation. When he finally gets a hand on the tail of that fish, don’t be surprised if you gasp or blurt out, “Holy crap!” Look at the tail on that thing! (BTW, it’s pronounced li-SOO-too.)

Lesotho is landlocked, entirely surrounded by South Africa.
Photo via google maps

One thought on “Video: Big Browns in a Little-Known Corner of Africa”

  1. HOLY CRAP!! Do they get lowered down there by rope?? I’m not sure I would have done that 30 years ago, let alone now.

    All very nice fish by the way…

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