Video: Bobby from “The Sopranos” Fly Fishes in Montana

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On this morning’s Today Show, there was a segment in which guide Jenny Grossenbacher teaches Steve Schirripa (Bobby Baccalieri from “The Sopranos”) how to fly fish on Depuy Spring creek, south of Livingston, Montana. As you’ll see, Steve is not the most willing client, but he does manage to put it all together by the end and land a little rainbow. Anyone who has fished Depuy’s before knows that some of those fish are very tough, so Jenny pulled off a major coup. (Musta been the Helios 2, right?) I think Steve needs to learn some fish-landing technique in his next lesson.

Steve Schirripa in his role as Bobby on “The Sopranos.”
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2 thoughts on “Video: Bobby from “The Sopranos” Fly Fishes in Montana”

  1. You got me pumped up for my Montana trip this Summer, if that is possible to get me anymore pumped up.

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