Video: Big Browns in “Borgund,” from Black Fly Eyes

Every time I get a note that Vaidas Uselis and Nerijus Rupciauskas—collectively known as Black Fly Eyes—have released a new video, I get excited to see what they’ve come up with. These guys have worked hard over the past few years to become among the top fly-fishing filmmakers in the world. (See “Alphonse: The Heart of the Indian Ocean” and “Mayfly.”) Check out the killer aerial-to-underwater sequence that kicks off their latest production, “Borgund.”

Shot on the Upper Lærdalselvi River in western Norway, the film focuses on big brown trout rising to dry flies. Nerijus and his little buddy, Chile, spot and stalk some gorgeous trout, and Vaidas captures the action and the scenery in glorious HD.

3 thoughts on “Video: Big Browns in “Borgund,” from Black Fly Eyes”

  1. Great video, excellent quality. The man was an excellent caster, laid out a beautiful line. Loved the dog, what a great companion. Not bad trout either.

  2. Wonderfully photographed. What did fly fishing filmmakers do before they had drones? More generally, it’s astounding how much quality photography (still and film) is coming from amateur and semi-professional folks. Another byproduct of the digital revolution, I suppose, which has closed the gap between the cameras and editing gear that once separated amateurs and pros. Never before has so much gear capable of pro results been in the hands of so many. And these guys clearly know what to do with it. Good work, Black Fly Eyes.

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