Video: “British Columbia Spring Tour” by Todd Moen

This classic video from Todd Moen of CATCH Magazine lives up to the overused description “epic.” Moen’s camera takes us to remote British Columbia, where the landscape, the rivers, and the fish all seem larger than life. Guides Adrienne Comeau and Steve McPhail cast for huge Chinook salmon in the Skeena system, which is not for the faint of heart. As usual, Moen’s filmmaking is top-notch, pairing great cinematography and music with killer angling action.

One thought on “Video: “British Columbia Spring Tour” by Todd Moen”

  1. What is the rationale for grabbing the rod above the cork? It puts a fulcrum on the lever where the rod builder didn’t intend it. The fisherman loses most of the power of the rod and handle below the hand, and the result is sometimes a palm full of graphite splinters.

    Great shots and great scenery!

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