Video: Captains Speak Out About #NowOrNeverglades

We have posted several times already about the ongoing disaster caused by freshwater releases from Florida’s Lake Okeechobee, which are damaging habitat along both coasts of South Florida. Who better understands the fragility of these waters than the guides who depend on healthy habitat for their livelihoods? In this video from Colorblind Media, 17 of the top guides and fly-fishing personalities in the region speak out about the need for change and to ask all of us to sign the #NowOrNeverglades Declaration.

You can learn a lot more about the important issues involved at these websites:

Captains for Clean Water
The Everglades Foundation

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3 thoughts on “Video: Captains Speak Out About #NowOrNeverglades”

  1. I feel what’s is happening in the Everglades relating to the overflow of water from Okeechobee and the damage to the costal areas from the rivers that run to the East & West cost is (OUTRAGES) ! The long term damage that has gone on for years is nothing but a bunch of political BullShit.

    We have been told for years after numerous studies which is just a waste of taxpayers monies. We don’t need studies, we know what the problem is we just need take action to resolve the problems.

    It’s just like every other environmental issue, even we know how to resolve the problems, The powers to be stall us off with the so caalled need to fund studies instead of using that money to help resolve the problem. Big money talks and the environment suffers.

    Case in mine, the destruction of our pristeen areas at Brystal Bay in Alaska, The distruction of the Yellow Dog Plains along at least two cold clear and once unpolluted streams flowing into lake of at one that I believe is the only stream on the south shore of Lake Superior that still has a meager run of Coaster Brook Trout.

    1. Please ignore the the errors in my post. They were not commenter by me, I did not even enter post for my comments but some how it happened. And its was not operators mistakesn

  2. To see just how long this has been going on, on and on and all the history of politics… Get a copy of “the Swamp” by Michael Grunwald. Very informative and interesting book.
    Also and Great article published in Sports Illustrated; Feb. 09, 1981

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