Video: “Carpology” Part 1 by Todd Moen

Written by: Todd Moen

Summer temps hover in the upper 90s, and there are rising carp on Montana’s Missouri River. Unlike trout or steelhead or bonefish, carp feed in a frenzy known to some anglers as the “Hour of Power,” when schools of carp rise to the surface in fierce unison, their big mouths breaking the surface and “hoovering” up bugs in a linear path on the top of the frothy, shallow water.

Brian Kimmel of Shadow of a Trout Outfitters—Montana native, fly fishing guide extraordinaire, and longtime Gallatin Gateway friend of mine—told me that my next film MUST be on Montana carp, but I had no idea what I was in for. We headed out on the Missouri River near Helena, Montana, in a boat driven by Adipose Boatworks founder and co-owner, Tracy Allen. In this video, Brian reveals his extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for these giant, heat-loving, bottom-dwelling, big-bellied fish.

Todd Moen is a co-founder of the online fly-fishing photography publication Catch Magazine, and he shoots the films for the magazine’s T-Motion Theater.

4 thoughts on “Video: “Carpology” Part 1 by Todd Moen”

  1. Oh yeah, I can’t wait to catch some of these guys. It’s a lot of fun and tiring when they’re consistently over 10lbs. You would have to subscribe to the magazine to see part two.

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