Video: Casting a Lifeline

As part of the “Go Further/Every Day Heroes” series, Ford has released a great video featuring First Sergeant Ira Strouse (Ret.) and his work with Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, “[taking]
disabled veterans fly-fishing as a therapeutic escape from the battle scars of war.” It’s powerful stuff, beautifully filmed.

Click here for more information on Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing.

4 thoughts on “Video: Casting a Lifeline”

  1. I help out with this program in my home town of Cheyenne Wyoming. Its is an awesome way to give back and help others. Its amazing to watch the changes in peoples lives after they’ve spent time with the program. There’s most likely a branch of this program in the area where you live and fly fish. Look up your local branch and get involved!

  2. While I appreciate the service of the current day veterans I have to say every time I read one of these testimonials I feel wounded again. I guess we, the Vietnam veterans, have been forgotten! When I go to the veteran’s hospital in Spokane Hospital I can not even get travel pay for driving the over 200 miles round trip. We I guess I now know how the WWII guys felt. I think it is great that current vets are getting recognition for their part, too bad we only got spit on when returning from our tours of duty. I too am a disabled vet but who cares?

    1. William,

      Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing cares about all disabled vets regardless of when they served our country. Would love to have you involved in our program. We have a very active program at the Spokane VAMC in Washington.

      Here is the contact info for our Program Lead at the Spokan PHWFF program.

      Norm Scott

      Also, here is another great video that features a Vietnam Veteran that is a PHWFF participant:

      All the best,

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