Video: Casting for Brook Trout

The guys from HOOKÉ are back with the third installment of their “Fly Fishing Vibes!” series, which seeks to capture the whole angling experience. In this video, they target brookies at La Réserve Faunique du Saint-Maurice in southern Quebec. What better way to spend your time waiting for the Atlantic salmon to enter fresh water?

3 thoughts on “Video: Casting for Brook Trout”

  1. I really enjoyed the video… I am a new fisherman… I started with spinner reel and after seeing this I wana learn FLY FISHING!!!

    1. Let’s stare by saying I’m not an Orvis fan boy. I have some Orvis gear mostly fly tying, a bit pricy but I like it so that’s what I buy. Now to Corbin’s post. Did you not see the sponsors at the beginning and end of the video? Simms, Hardy, Airflow, Montana Fly Company, and one I can’t make out paid for the Video NOT Orvis. They don’t even sell the brands that made the video. I’m going to go out on a limb and say they just liked the little video. I ski and whitewater kayak along with fly fish and they videos are everywhere. GET OVER IT. It’s hard to advertise to people like us so they make videos. You should have given Orvis a “that a boy” for showing their competitors video. So I will, Orvis if you read these I think you’re doing a lot of thing rite. The Podcast and Fly Fishing Learning Center are genius. Your advertising staff should be proud of there work.

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