Video: Catch-and-Release Tips from #KeepEmWet

Last year, we posted a great article by Paul Moinester that featured great tips for properly handling fish. In the video about, Bryan Huskey–found of #KeepEmWet Fishing–demonstrates the proper technique for ensuring that a fish swims away healthy after you’ve caught it. This isn’t rocket science, and Bryan breaks it down for you:

  1. Use as strong a tippet as you can get away with to shorten the fight.
  2. Use a net with a rubber bag, and keep it in the water, even after you’ve netted the fish.
  3. Hold the fish firmly by the “wrist” of the tail and gently by the underbody.
  4. Take the photo quickly, taking the fish out of the water for just a couple seconds.
  5. Put it back in the water until it’s ready to swim away.

My only quibble (and it’s a tiny one) with Bryan’s comments is when he says that you have to be very careful about squeezing a trout’s internal organs. As we’ve discussed before, there’s little evidence that this is a problem, unless a person is actually trying to squeeze a fish to death.

I would argue that dropping a fish on the ground or on rocks because you were holding it too lightly is more likely to be a threat to fish. (Of course, you shouldn’t be holding the fish over the ground or rocks in the first place, if you’re following the #keepemwet Principles.) So I would say, hold the fish gently, but firmly enough that you are in control should the fish suddenly thrash.

Click here to visit the KeepEmWet Fishing website.

5 thoughts on “Video: Catch-and-Release Tips from #KeepEmWet”

  1. loved this piece … you can argue this and that in it, but you can’t argue “keep ’em wet”. Fish don’t breathe out of water. keep ’em wet, keep ’em in the water. Try holding your breath after you’ve run a half mile. That will help understand the importance of keep ’em wet. Nice post!

  2. Hold em by the gill plate when you unhook them and toss them into your cooler.Scud fed trout are fantastic on the grill with a little salmon seasoning..

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