Video: Why Chase Muskies on the Fly?

Have you ever wondered why some fly fishers become obsessed with catching a musky? Well this video goes a long way toward explaining that phenomenon, and it includes a cool interview with author John Gierach moments after he’s landed a toothy beast. And if you’ve ever doubted that the figure-eight next to the boat is really effective, you’ll be a believer after watching this this.

7 thoughts on “Video: Why Chase Muskies on the Fly?”

  1. Fantastic film! I am an avid fly fisherman but never quite understood my buddy’s (he is the guy holding a 50″ Muskie at the end of the film) obsession with Muskie on the fly until I got to experience it this season. Hours upon hours of casting massive flies until that first strike and it was over. Now all I think about is muskie fishing. I also thought the figure 8 was nonsense until a 36″ fish came out of nowhere and devoured my friend’s fly.

  2. Amazing no better way to spend the day . Rivers can be an incredible journey . Lakes and dams a necessary concession at times . Glorious in success as well as defeat . Love working that fly where sometimes less is more and eight to ten hours in a day passes like minutes . Haunting memories of successes and defeats . A true sportsman’s delight . No better smell than a Muskie!

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