Video: Chasing Exotics in the Salt with Captain Jako

These South African guides really know how make saltwater fly-fishing exciting, chasing big—sometimes strange—fish in the Indian Ocean. Why they chose West Coast rap as the soundtrack, however, makes one scratch one’s head. Warning: One prominent F-bomb early on.

3 thoughts on “Video: Chasing Exotics in the Salt with Captain Jako”

  1. A note about the “West Coast Rap.” I’m not sure why they chose it either. Maybe rap is their thing, & I know it isn’t some peoples’, but here’s the realty of it in my mind. It’s showing me that the artist, Propaganda, a Christian artist, his music is reaching guys who drop prominent F bombs among other things. And that makes me happy. Sorry if my comment seems controversial or angry at you Phil. It isn’t. I promise. Just was very happy to hear Propaganda’s music combined with fly fishing & used by some guys who drop f-bombs in their videos. Makes me happy that Christian rap music is good enough to be a soundtrack on a video like this.

    If anyone needs to borrow my soapbox I keep it under my desk at work.

    1. Hey JR,

      I don’t think that your comment is controversial at all. My comment was more about the juxtaposition of subject matter between the song and the video.

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