Video: Chasing High-Country Cutthroats

What happens when you show up at your local pike reservoir only to find the fish have all gone deep? You take that 8-weight pike rig with its intermediate sinking tip and make a beeline straight for the nearest cutty-stuffed backcountry lake, that’s what. This is just GoPro footage, but the fish are lovely, and this will make you wonder how you can find such a lake.

10 thoughts on “Video: Chasing High-Country Cutthroats”

      1. Personally I prefer the buff to skin cancer, bug bites, and grown men trolling the internet. =) But thanks for checking it out regardless!

  1. Beautiful video. Also I couldn’t agree more on the buff keeping the sun and bugs off the face. At some point in time there was probably some moron calling for the waders “fad” to end

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  3. Great stuff all around! Random question, what’s the brand on that Five panel cap you’re rocking?

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