Video: Full-Length “Chrome,” from Conservation Hawks

Back in January, we posted the trailer for “Chrome,” a film by Conservation Hawks—the same organization that brought you “Cold Waters” and “Immersion“—and today the full 15-minute film was made available for all to watch. “Chrome” features quite a cast: Tom Rosenbauer of Orvis, Dylan Tomine of Patagonia, Hannah Belford of Damdochax River Lodge, Kate Taylor of Frigate Travel, Tim Romano of Field & Stream, and Todd Tanner of Conservation Hawks. We get to see them fishing for steelhead, and mostly failing, on glorious rivers in British Columbia.

But it’s not all fun and games. The folks at Conservation Hawks want to use the angling community to relay an important message, to call on the U.S. Congress and President Obama to protect our steelhead and salmon. So they have created a simple, clear petition, which reads:

Steelhead and salmon need cold, clean water to survive. Unfortunately, our fossil fuel emissions are changing our climate and making our oceans warmer and more acidic. We have an obligation to protect our vital steelhead and salmon fisheries from climate change and ocean acidification. As anglers, we ask Congress to pass legislation that promotes clean energy, eliminates fossil fuel subsidies, and dramatically reduces America’s CO2 emissions.

Click here to learn more and sign the petition.

Todd Tanner of Conservation Hawks releases Tom’s steelhead.

2 thoughts on “Video: Full-Length “Chrome,” from Conservation Hawks”

  1. 1969, 4.5 billion people on earth, 2016 now 7.5 billion people. All need energy, where is the miracle that will supply enough energy for all these people. What happens when we hit 10 billion. Sun and wind can’t do it. We have an awful quandary on our hands trying to reduce a carbon footprint.

  2. Watch Cowspiracy, it ain’t the energy we feed our cars and iPhones that do the damage, its what we feed our selves.

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