Video: “Clearly BC, Part One: Fall Bullies” by Todd Moen

Todd Moen, of Catch Magazine fame, emailed me yesterday to tell me that he will be releasing part 2 of his “Clearly B.C.” series, about catching cutthroats in the backcountry. We will feature it in this week’s Friday Fly Fishing Film Festival.

To whet your appetite, here’s “Clearly B.C., Part One: Fall Bullies.” The camera follows Fernie guide Beckie Clarke on a late-season trip for big bull trout. Her narration describes the joys of a solo trip after a long season of guiding, and she lands a couple of quite gorgeous bulls, as well. It’s a beautiful piece of filmmaking, and it doesn’t bother to make a big deal out of the fact that its subject is female. She’s an expert guide and fly fisher, and that’s all that matters.

Watch at full screen and in high-definition. Trust me. And don’t forget to come back at noon on Friday to see the premier of “Clearly B.C., Part Two: Elk River Cutties.”

2 thoughts on “Video: “Clearly BC, Part One: Fall Bullies” by Todd Moen”

    1. That is an incredible video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cannot wait till Friday.

      I think I have just added to my bucket list…………

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