Video: Colorado Fly Fishing with Goofy!

The guys from 5280 Trout Hunters found some Disney animation that they felt would work great with some killer fly-fishing footage. There are plenty of gorgeous trout going on here, as well. Some of you may want to turn the sound down, however.

6 thoughts on “Video: Colorado Fly Fishing with Goofy!”

  1. Why ???? This would be a great video , except the ridiculous music , I wouldn’t listen or watch it because of the song …. I am a avid flyfisherman, 48 years old , successful, I wouldn’t spend a dime with a outfit that promotes trash songs like this….. you just lost any respect I would have had for you…

    1. Good vid, if you don’t like music just mute it seriously. Just realize the numbers of next generation fly fisherman that do like this music are going up(i am one). Embrace it we all love the same sport, we don’t have to love the same music.

  2. Just mute the volume Gramps. Why would you ‘lose all respect’ for someone over what type of music they listen to? This video is awesome with or without audio.

    1. Well I agree . . to a point. I like the video, but would like to be able to show it to my children . . who are 7 and 3. The music doesn’t really work.

  3. Ahh, the classic sound of Nas’ New York beats and lyrics mixed with the art and science of fly fishing. Moar hip hop backgrounds please! I grew up in the 90’s and love that stuff and wholeheartedly agree with B’s statement that no matter what, we enjoy the same sport. Great vid guys, keep ’em coming!

  4. For the record I’m 55 and I rather enjoyed it. And who would of ever imagined that you could write a hip hop song to Iron Butterfly’s IN A GODDADVI DA?

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