Video: Connecting Fish Habitat, One Stream at a Time

Think about how long it takes to fish a mile of a good trout stream. By the end of 2014, the Orvis/TU 1,000 Miles Campaign anticipates having reopened 338 miles of stream through the removal/replacement of faulty culverts. That’s more than a third of the way to the project’s ultimate goal. As everyone involved in this effort knows, culverts aren’t sexy, but there’s no doubt that this is important work. To quote TU President and CEO Chris Wood, “Fixing a culvert so that fish can pass is one of the best investments in trout recovery.”

Of course this costs money, but here’s the cool part: Orvis will match donations dollar-for-dollar up to $90,000, which means that together we could raise $180,000 this year for this vital work.

Click here to visit the Orvis/TU 1,000 Miles Commitment page.

The more habitat opened to spawning, the more fish like this Bonneville cutthroat trout anglers can pursue.
photo courtesy Trout Unlimited

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