Video: “Crossing the Divide” on the South Island of New Zealand

Here’s the latest video from Matt Butler of Traveltruly, in which heads into the backcountry of the Southern Alps, which runs down the western side of the South Island. The “Main Divide” is the border between watersheds that flow to the eastern and western coasts, much like our Continental Divide separates waters that flow to the Pacific from those that flow to the Atlantic. Butler says, “Over two days, I decided to challenge myself on several different waterways, observing and absorbing the variety of methods required to be successful in each.” It looks like he did pretty well.

2 thoughts on “Video: “Crossing the Divide” on the South Island of New Zealand”

  1. Would be a nice video, but its annoying that so many shots are out of focus. Not artistic, just sloppy video technique.

    1. Cheers for the feedback Tre, all the shots were included on purpose, just the odd one out of focus due to new camera operator.

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