Video: Curtis’s Top 5 Caddis Patterns

Late summer into fall is a great time to fish caddisfly imitations, but there are hundreds of patterns out there to choose from. Every angler has their own favorites, and I always learn something from seeing which patterns other fly fishers have used successfully. In this video, Curtis Fry of Fly Fish Food shares five great caddisflies, based on the experience of the staff at the shop, and he explains the benefits of each. I’ve never fished three of these, and I’m excited to find out if they work as well on my home waters as they do out West. It’s going to be hard to knock the Spotlight Caddis Emerger out of the top spot on my list. Click the links below to buy or tie these productive patterns.

1. Egan’s GTI Caddis

2. Caddis Poopah

3. Mercer’s Missing Link

Note: Tim Flagler has taught us how to tie this pattern. See his video lesson here.

4. Palamino Caddis

5. Cornfed Caddis

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