Video: “In the Cutt” at Pyramid Lake

We’ve posted many times about the incredibly Lahontan cutthroat fishery on Nevada’s Pyramid Lake (see here and here, for example), but this cool video offers a dreamy, compelling view on the experience of visiting the stark landscape, setting up on the beach, and climbing a stepladder stuck in the lake bottom. Add a little Sturgill Simpson, a few video effects, and just the right dose of humor, and you’ve got something special.

7 thoughts on “Video: “In the Cutt” at Pyramid Lake”

  1. BIIIIIIG NO-NO!!!!!! Weighing big trout (especially an 8lber) by hanging them off a boga on the jaw does all sorts of damage to them. Instead, keep the fish in the net and weigh both fish and net, subtracting the weight of a wet net afterwards. Also, pyramid regulars these days don’t bother weighing anything that doesn’t look like it tops 10lbs

    1. 100% agree with you on that, Albert. No reason not to adjust the Boga for the weight of the net and then keep the fish in the net while weighing it.

  2. Nice Albert, and when your at another beach drinking your modeling beer , pick up after yourself . No need for you to be pigs. Let’s keep this lake clean for all to enjoy.

  3. There are no fish in Pyramid Lake. It’s a waste of time to come here. It’s cold and it’s windy. Go to Belize instead, it’s much nicer.

  4. The fishing here in wyoming is terrible no reason to come here but I hear the dream stream in Colorado is nice.

  5. Well guys good about the net ,bad about thinking we didn’t clean up are mess. We clean up ours and others as well ,let keep positive and there are plenty of trout wind or not!!! Thanks to deep creek outfits for a great trip can’t wait tell next time. Peace

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