Video: Dave Hughes on the Secret to Fishing Midges in Rivers

Back in April, the Deschutes River Alliance held an event featuring four icons of fly fishing in the Northwest: Rick “the Bug Man” Hafele, Dave “the Tactician” Hughes, Scott “the Storyteller” Richmond, and Jeff “Mr. Metolius” Perin. In this great clip, Dave Hughes—author of Pocketguide to Western Hatches and more that 20 other books of fly fishing—explains his approach to fishing midge patterns in rivers, and there are a couple of real gems here that might make you rethink your own midge tactics. He also proves the value of “whining” on the water when your buddy is catching more fish than you.

Hughes says he carries just two midge patterns on rivers: Syl’s Midge (left) and the Zebra Midge.

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