Video: “Dry or Die” for Big Brown Trout

Check out this cool video from the Jämtland province of central Swedem, featuring some beautiful brown trout rising to insects. . .and dry flies. The “dry or die” philosophy of Rolf Nylinder has clearly rubbed off on his countrymen. Although the camerawork here isn’t top-notch, the fishing scenes are moody and evocative, and the trout are lovely. Plus, the soundtrack features my favorite Joe Pug song.

One thought on “Video: “Dry or Die” for Big Brown Trout”

  1. Y’know, that was a nice fish, but the video didn’t tell me anything. What fly was he using? Did he catch one fish and go home? And what’s up with that music? I appreciate the entertainment factor, but the catch line was “dry or die” but the video title was “Trout is All”. I clearly don’t understand.

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