Video: “Endless,” Molly and Friends on the Davidson River

Molly Roberson sent us the link to a video she made about a trip to North Carolina’s Davidson River last August, along with a couple of her friends. It looks like they all hooked up and had a great time. (Although they do seem short one wading belt. . .)

7 thoughts on “Video: “Endless,” Molly and Friends on the Davidson River”

  1. Loved it!! I wish I lived next door to them- they look like a bunch of fun ladies to fish with! Keep it up ladies!

    1. Andy & Kaitlin, thanks! Moll’s not only out fishes us most days, but she also documents our adventures in a way that truly captures how much fun we have together. Thankful for other girls to fish with who are easy and know how to celebrate each other!

  2. after seeing the smile’s, 0n those pretty faces, I surely can relate,,,,,,,,,,,,what a great feeling!!!!
    super video.

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