Video: “Engler,” the Story of a Famed Fly-Fishing Life

Here’s an absolutely beautiful video about famed Colorado guide Mark Engler, inventor of the WD-40 Emerger, and the path along which the fly-fishing life has taken him. As the camera follows Engler on his favorite pike lake and trout streams, we learn about how the outdoors served as an escape from a troubled childhood, how his relationships have been affected by his love of fly fishing, and about how he once sported “a pretty intimidating mullet.” This is fly-fishing filmmaking of the highest order. He’s now passing his vast knowledge on to a younger guide, who may or may not take the same path. . . .

2 thoughts on “Video: “Engler,” the Story of a Famed Fly-Fishing Life”

  1. Had the pleasure of fishing with him last year. I learned a lot from him, and caught more browns than I could count.

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