Video: Even a Bad Day of Fishing is Better Than. . .

Here’s a video that’s perfect for watching in the middle of a blizzard—as Hercules dumps snow outside here at Orvis HQ. This comedy of errors drive home the point that, no matter what happens, time on the water is almost always better than what you’re doing instead.

[Note: Of course, I’m assuming that this is true, since none of the events in this video have ever happened to me.]

4 thoughts on “Video: Even a Bad Day of Fishing is Better Than. . .”

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  2. Never happened to you? Remind me to not stand close to you so when the lightning comes down it won’t accidentally hit me too! Ha ha. It been below zero a lot for a month now and my whole world is frozen solid. It was nice to see open water and the color green. Thanks for posting this!

  3. Wow, glad I don’t have that guys luck….wait a sec….hey, that’s me. lol. Thanks for posting this here. Buddy just told me it was over here. I hesitated making this video at first, then figured my kayak buddies would get a kick out of it. And of course all the fly fisherman who have “been there”. lol Thanks again.


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