Video: Ever Wonder Some Anglers Love Fishing for Carp?

Here’s short film about Carpicide, a fly-fishing tournament that took place last month close to downtown Minneapolis. But the film is really about a lot more than the tournament. It’s about why people take the time and suffer the frustration that comes with it—all to catch a species that many still consider a trash fish.

5 thoughts on “Video: Ever Wonder Some Anglers Love Fishing for Carp?”

  1. I don’t know….I caught one the other day while in my float tube and they gross me out for some reason!! They were all around me! I felt like their weird mouths were going to give me hickeys on my legs!! Don’t they generally have tape worms as well? To each their own- either way, catching a fish on a fly rod is more fun than floating around! Thanks!

  2. Very well done and couldn’t agree more with your perspective on mastering a type/style of fishing…the sport is fun because it is consistently inconsistent, and when you do find yourself in a moment where things “work”, you’ve usually earned it and appreciate the big picture of things. Lot of respect for charging after a species that requires such attention to detail and focus…keep on Given’r!

  3. Loved your view on these under utilized fish, if only people took the words trash and sport away from the common denominator maybe people would realize that it’s not about how the world views certain species but finding each species’ different quirks and embracing it. Good work!

  4. I’d have to pass so many amazing trout fisheries just to get to the nearest carp lake that I doubt I’ll ever bother. Kudos to those who get after ’em and are able to fool those ugly, wary bastards.

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