Video: Everything You Need to Know About Fly Reels

In the past couple weeks, we’ve posted the first four videos in a great new series called “Getting Started in Fly Fishing,” from Brian Flechsig of Mad River Outiffters in Columbus, Ohio. (We’re going to skip Episode 5, which has a more general theme, but you can check it out here.) In Episode 6, Flechsig walks you through the inner workings of a fly reel and talks about how to choose the right one for the kinds of fishing you plan to do.

Yes, this is very basic stuff, but it’s vital information for folks who are new to the sport. The biggest barrier to entry for anyone taking up a new activity is lack of information. Stay tuned to learn more!

6 thoughts on “Video: Everything You Need to Know About Fly Reels”

  1. 2 additional comments about reel selection:

    1. the reel is a counterbalance for your rod, so the physical weight should have a nice balance to the rod.
    2. Large arbor reels have a slightly less tendency to create tighter coils in the fly line.

    1. I believe reel has little to no impact on casting a rod since the cast is not a fulcrum pivoting at the wrist. If anything “feel” has more to do with how light a reel you can get away with. It should, I would agree, balance out the fly line and rod weight (obviously a small reel won’t hold an 8 wt line well).

  2. Dennis, You hit it on the mark. The first time I ever heard..Also if you are casting a long line you’ll need a heavier reel.

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