Video: Everything You Need to Know to Fish the Bighorn

Have you dreamed of fishing the famed Bighorn River in Montana? If you’re not from Big Sky country, traveling there to fish can be intimidating. How do you know what to expect the first time on the river. Even if you regularly fish the Bighorn, are you sure you’re getting the most out of it?

Here’s a remarkable resource. Steve Galletta—owner and outfitter at Bighorn Angler in Fort Smith, Montana—has just put something pretty awesome on youtube: his complete presentation on the Bighorn, which he usually gives at speaking engagements for clubs or at sports shows. Now everyone can have this information at their fingertips.

At an hour and fifteen minutes, this is a comprehensive look at the river, its fish, the seasons, the best techniques, and the most productive flies. It’s incredible that Galletta is offering this to everyone for free, giving everyone access to his years of experience and knowledge.

Galletta says that many anglers overlook the killer terrestrial fishing on the Bighorn.

10 thoughts on “Video: Everything You Need to Know to Fish the Bighorn”

  1. Great video !!!!! I watched it in entirety and enjoyed it – funny timing too because I was just considering planning a big horn trip.

  2. Thanks for a wonderful tutorial, I’d love to see more like this for other rivers! Maybe something for esteemed sir Rosenbauer to look into?


    1. finally, some crazy flame wars on orvis news. welcome to the Internet.

      nice grip n grin btw… they are so vogue right now.

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  4. 11 hour drive; bucket list trip! It would be helpful to know some more about lodging and/or camping options. I could drive over dragging my drift boat and stay in a motel, or I could drive over pulling my drift boat and dragging my camper? I’ve wanted to get over there for a couple years now, it’s just hard to justify driving the extra 5 hours or so and pass up a bunch of good water on my way there from Boise…. So. Fork of the Boise, Silver Creek, Big Lost, Henry’s Fork, Madison, Beaverhead, and others all have to be driven right by in order to get to Fort Smith from here.

  5. Phil
    Thanks, that was very informative, I’m looking forward to getting a copy of Steve’s book when it comes out!

  6. This was very informative. I am tentatively planning on a trip to Montana this summer or early autumn. I hadn’t really considered the Bighorn but will now, and if I do, I’ll make sure I visit the shop. Thank you for sharing!

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