Classic Video: Fall in New England, A Love Letter

Chase and Aimee of Tight Loops have produced a gorgeous paean to the late season in their native New England. From the cinematography to the slow-motion action to the music, this video is just a joy to watch and speaks to the ruminative side of fall flishing. Here’s how they describe it:

Fall is special. Most anglers will attest to the fact that it brings the opportunity to catch larger-than-average fish on larger-than-average flies. But the subtle nuances of autumn and the seasonal shift it ushers in are far more complex. Both the daylight, and fish are scarce this time of year, making each encounter all the more precious, but above all else, we appreciate the fall for its silence. Anglers, tourists, and the world at large seem to grind to a halt as the temperatures drop and days shorten. It’s not only our favorite time for fishing in the northeast, but also the most exciting time to pack up the van, heat up a couple mugs full of hot apple cider, and see what might be lying just around the next bend.

5 thoughts on “Classic Video: Fall in New England, A Love Letter”

  1. Being from NH, your essay is timely. With the leaves and crowds now gone, it is a perfect time to re-explore. Thanks!

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