Video: “The Fat Lady,” and What Happens When She Sings.

Our friend  from frontsidefly released a very short video yesterday that features a big, beautiful trout, some huge mayflies (Danica?), and a lone fly fisherman. What happens when they connect is the whole story. Here’s Stefan’s version of the events:

After a full day of fishing we arrived to a super sweet pool in the small river. We always take turns when we’re out dodding and if there was a trout in the pool it was Tobias who was about to take the challenge. Suddenly she appeared and breaked the surface. The fat lady. Tobias had a good feeling but his heart started pounding. Faster and faster and faster. He took upon a big fat smile and layed a smooth cast to her.

4 thoughts on “Video: “The Fat Lady,” and What Happens When She Sings.”

  1. No shame in getting unbuttoned from a beast like that. They treat it like life or death, and to us it’s not near as critical.

  2. Of course, that has never happened to me. I’ve heard of it happening before – just never seen it. Frustrating…

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