Video: Fighting a Massive Dam Project in Alaska

Alaska’s Susitna River is one of the world’s biggest and healthiest wild-salmon watersheds. A controversial government plan aims to tap its hydroelectric potential via a $6 billion, 735-foot concrete dam. As part of studies done in advance of the project, scientists radio-tagged a king salmon that made an unexpected, unbelievable journey. Here’s the trailer for a 20-minute film coming in January.

My very first guiding job was on the Deshka River, which is a tributary of the “Big Su,” and I can attest to what an incredible river it is.

One thought on “Video: Fighting a Massive Dam Project in Alaska”

  1. What????

    Build a dam? They guy is right, aren’t we moving to tear these down vs. putting them up. Maybe that’s why we haven’t built new dams in 40 years.

    In my opinion if you want to know why this is being proposed follow the money!

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