Video: Finding Clear-Water Trout in Murky Conditions

Dave and Amelia Jensen, of Jensen Fly Fishing in Alberta, have produced another episode in their “The Bank” series of instructional videos. Here’s Dave’s description:

After 5 hours of walking up an increasingly murky side channel to a larger river that was being impacted by heavy rains in the high country, we finally came to the mouth of a spring creek tributary unaffected by rains. And cue the rising brown trout spotted in the sliver of gin-clear water. We watched a spell as the fish cycled round the clear water pocket, making moves that respected the brown’s movement, its visibility, and the sensitivity to its small, quiet habitat. Note the time we take in filming this sequence, how subtle the movements are, how deliberate each move is made, when the casts are made. The first cast was taken and the hook set was ok, but note how the head turns quickly toward the angler and the pull of the line sees the hook come straight out from the fish. No matter, with low angling pressure at this location it remained on feed, cycling and rising. Next cycle around the clear water another cast, another take.

What’s really illuminating about watching all of these videos is that you get to see how experienced anglers approach each fish differently, suss out the situation, and plan a presentation.

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