Video Pro Tips: How to Fish Streamers in the Fall

Fall is a time when many anglers get excited about casting big, meaty flies to trout that are gorging before the long winter. Here’s a very useful video from Sean Visintainer of Washington’s Silver Bow Fly Shop, in which he explains basic streamer-fishing tactics for fall.

I especially like his point about leading the fly with the rod tip. I would add that, when you do get a strike, you should use a strip set or sweep set, rather than raising the rod tip immediately. This will keep you from pulling the fly out of the fish’s mouth.

2 thoughts on “Video Pro Tips: How to Fish Streamers in the Fall”

  1. In a Joe Humphreys’ book he suggests that, during the retrieve of a swing cast, the angler hold his/her/it/whatever rod at a high enough angle that the line drops out of the rod at a 90 degree angle.

    Can you please comment on the advantage of your approach where (in the video anyway) it appears you have the rod almost parallel to the water during the retrieve?



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