Video Tips: Why You Should Fish “Non-Obvious” Water

Here’s an excellent episode of the great series “The Bank,” from our friends Dave and Amelia Jensen, of Jensen Fly Fishing. (Check out Episode 1 and Episode 2.) Here, they are joined by their friend, Aaron Feltham, and focus on fishing some of the less-obvious lies on the Bow River in Alberta. As usual with this series, there is tons of great how-to advice, mixed in with killer fishing action. The trout they catch are very fat, healthy, and strong.

3 thoughts on “Video Tips: Why You Should Fish “Non-Obvious” Water”

  1. Great video as usual! Maybe it’s a wading angler’s perspective, but I have a hard time calling that subtle or less-obvious water. That’s the first place I’d fish, especially in fall/winter flows.

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