Video: Fishing the Winter Windows in Montana

Here’s a great video about taking advantage of the brief windows of good weather that appear in January. Montana’s got amazing trout waters, of course, and what better way to beat the shack nasties?

2 thoughts on “Video: Fishing the Winter Windows in Montana”

  1. I enjoyed very much watching the video of fishing in Montana. I live in Missouri and am impatiently waiting for our march lst season opening. We do have a winter catch and release season but we have had a terribly cold, snowy winter this year. So February has been fly tying month for me. Again the video helped relieve some of the cabin fever.

  2. Great video of January fishing in Montana. I live in SLC, UT but have a cabin I built on the Madison River 32 years ago. I have cabin fever, but can’t just go out like someone living there year around. Someday maybe.

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