Classic Video: Fly Fishing as a Way Out of Darkness

Fly fishing means different things to different people, but the sport’s value as a form of therapy for everything from PTSD to breast cancer is well documented. Here’s a beautiful video that portrays a day in the life of Mikey, who found Fly Fishing as a means to deal with depression. We all know someone who has struggled with depression, and it’s moving to see how Mikey’s exposure to nature, water, and fly fishing have brought him out of the darkness. I also dig the cool aspect ration of this video.

4 thoughts on “Classic Video: Fly Fishing as a Way Out of Darkness”

  1. Old Abe had it correct!! Being the Oklahoma State Coordinator for Reel Recovery I have had the chance to witness at first hand the therapy of fly fishing on men suffering from all stages and types of cancer at nine different retreats here in Oklahoma. Fly fishing is a whole heck of a lot better than drugs or alcohol.

  2. Hi,
    My name is Mike and I have an 18y/o son that is very anxiety ridden and seems to be depressed as well. We both love to fish. Can you tell me if
    You know of any kind of program that I corporates fishing and therapy for young adults. Thx

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