Video: Fly-Fishing for Brookies in the Swiss Alps

Our ex-pat friend Oliver Streuli, who writes The International Hobbyist blog, made this cool video about chasing brook trout in tiny streams and ponds in the Swiss Alps. The scenery is gorgeous, the streams run clear and cold, and the brookies (planted decades ago) are true gems. I love the scene where he sight-fished to a brook trout holding over light gravel. The brookies around here never do that.

2 thoughts on “Video: Fly-Fishing for Brookies in the Swiss Alps”

  1. Awesome video, I’m an ex-pat as well living in Europe and I am falling in love with the Alps (in all seasons). I am heading to the Swiss Alps with Oliver in August. Can’t wait!

  2. Having enjoyed the company of two great Swiss clients, one of whom co-owns the lease on 5km of amazing urban fly fishing in Zurich, this has sealed the deal… Where’s my passport! Oh, wait, I’ve got to stay in my own fly fishing paradise (the Northwest Highlands of Scotland) for the rest of the season! Maybe I can sneak off for a week next year? 🙂

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