Video: Fly-Fishing Inside the Arctic Circle

Here’s a cool video from Harald Nylinder of Frontside Fly. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen our old friend Rolf (Harald’s brother), since he’s been working on some longer projects. But here’s a great wrap-up of their 2012 fly-fishing season:

It is something strange with the arctic circle! A strange force drags you inside the circle. It does not matter if it’s during the summer or winter, and it doesn’t have anything to do with the awesome fishing, snowboarding, or the fact that the coffee is stronger than anywhere else in the world. It’s something else. It’s like a marriage: if you accept the ring, then it’s for life! But this ring is not around your finger, but your soul!

There are many great trout rises here, and check out the incredibly lucky mayfly at 1:42, escaping an set of hungry jaws. Many of the short scenes in this video are just gorgeous, and of course, Nylinders always know how to have a good time.

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