Video: Fly Fishing, the Internet, and “Hotspotting”

In this week’s video from Huge Fly Fisherman, Ben Sittig takes on one of the more controversial topics of the day: is the Internet good or bad for fly fishing? The answer, of course, is both. But when it comes to “hotspotting”–giving away information about specific fishing locations–he’s unequivocal.

Although there are some people who believe that you should never discuss any fishing locations, I’m sort of with Ben on this one. It’s impossible to “hotspot” a place that’s already famous–say, Three-Dollar Bridge or the Texas Hole–and there’s nothing wrong with discussing a whole river (unless it’s a secret) or a several-mile stretch of big water. What’s your take on this? When is it okay and not okay?

One thought on “Video: Fly Fishing, the Internet, and “Hotspotting””

  1. Personally, I am not terribly specific about hot spots. I may say I like “Eleven Mile Canyon” Or “The Dream Stream” but leave it at that.

    Once on site, I share with other fly fishers the patterns which seem to be working for me, however.

    I was lake fishing one afternoon (location conveniently forgotten) and was having lots of strikes. I noticed a young fellow nearby who wasn’t having much luck. I handed him a couple of dries which were working well for me and he started nailing fish. I’m not sure who was more pleased: him or me.

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