Tuesday Tip: The Basics of the Double Haul, with Pete Kutzer

The double haul is probably one of the more misunderstood casts in all of fly fishing, in two ways. First, many anglers believe that the double haul is too difficult to learn, that it requires some mystical timing-and-coordination combination that they’ll never master. In reality, the double haul is easy once you understand the basic concepts behind it. Of course, you’ll have to practice, and not everything will go right at first. The two keys are the timing of the haul and the “return” of the line hand to prepare for the next haul.

The second misconception is that double-hauling is for saltwater anglers only. However, it’s a useful cast for almost any kind of trout fishing, even if you’re chasing trout on small streams. For one thing, the double haul takes a lot of strain off your casting arm and shoulder, leaving you less tired after a long day on the water. It also helps you cast into the wind and can improve accuracy.

In this video, Pete Kutzer explains the specific mechanics you need to know to make solid double-haul casts. Having taught so many people to cast through his work with the Orvis Fly-Fishing Schools, Pete knows best how to explain these things clearly and succinctly. And, of course, he’s a great caster.

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