Video: How a Fly-Tying Vise Is Made

“How It’s Made” is a TV documentary series about how common, everyday items are manufactured. They just released this episode that takes you through the process of creating a Regal Vise, and it’s more labor-intensive than you might have imagined. Molten copper, pressed sand, and some high-tech materials all come into play. It’s fascinating stuff.

A surprising amount of work goes into creating this Regal Vise.

3 thoughts on “Video: How a Fly-Tying Vise Is Made”

  1. I work at a medical device company and make things with wire. There are several Regal vises in our clean room and R&D lab.

  2. Wow! Now I understand why my Regal vice seemed so expensive. I will appreciate it more the next time I tie a parachute Adams.

    I enjoy watching “How It’s Made” every so often. But I never expected to see my fly tying vice.

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