Video: The Greatest Gift

Here’s an absolutely gorgeous video about a man’s love for his home water and his desire to share the magic with the next generation–his daughter, Amelia. Paul Weiss does a great job of explaining what is so special about a river where you’ve spent so much time: how the memories compound, and how familiarity breeds not contempt, but love. This video might also make you rethink your mental image of New Jersey.

11 thoughts on “Video: The Greatest Gift”

  1. Dear Lord in Heaven, I pray that my children’s mother will let me spend more time with my daughters, and seek moments like these. Amen

  2. Absolutely beautiful!!! Orvis should see that little girl help her daddy tie flys!! They make the best flys around!

  3. As I watch this video, I am teary eyed, and my heart is full of peace and joy. This river has given me many gifts, from childhood experiences with my dad and mom, to days with my husband and kids where we fished, boated, or just sat on the riverbank and took in the beauty of the river with all of our senses. I am especially in love with this video, as Paul was a former elementary school student of mine who was such a wonderful boy, and I was blessed to teach. I am so proud of the man and father he had become. Thank you, Orvis, for bringing all of these memories home today, and for filming this exceptional video.

  4. Beautiful video and story……..sometimes it’s the simple things in our lives that bring us and others the most joy!

  5. am and. Stop when his mom. Made him quit for a late lunch.he even than did not want to stop.i am delighed to see. How he carried on with his fishing buddy.i had. Tears in my eyes watching the film.oh how I love that boy of mine.

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