Video: Introducing a New Generation at Green Mountain Fly Fishing Camp

As most parents know, there are camps for almost every activity—from soccer to horseback riding to Minecraft—but there aren’t too many focused on fly fishing. My friend Arthur Rafus sent along this video from the Green Mountain Fly Fishing Camp, where he is a counselor, and it seems like a wonderful opportunity for kids who love the outdoors to get a taste for trout fishing.

Click here for more information on the Green Mountain Fly Fishing Camp.

Click here a list of Trout Unlimited camps around the country. (Thanks to Ryan Heisler for the tip!)

3 thoughts on “Video: Introducing a New Generation at Green Mountain Fly Fishing Camp”

  1. There is a large list of fly fishing camps on the trout unlimited website. each year TU hopes to get young teens involved in the camps but they don’t get the publicity needs to truly make a large impact. I myself am a alumni of the PA yellow breeches fly fishing and conservation youth camp and will be a counselor at the camp this year. these are amazing week long events that i feel orvis should look into supporting. The first place to start saving tomorrow, is the kids we have today.

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