Video: A Guide Reveals His “Dirty Trick” for Catching Trout

Do you have a down-and-dirty technique that you use when nothing else is working? You know, the kind of fly or strategy that you would never start off with because it doesn’t seem as “kosher” in the fly-fishing world.

In this video, Joe Rotter from Red’s Fly Shop shows just how effective his “I’m not proud of it” strategy is. After he has fished a run with dries and traditional nymphs, he ties on a . . . gasp! . . . streamer tied on a jig hook. And just like that, he hooks a beautiful rainbow trout. I have fished Egg-Sucking Leeches tied on jig hooks, and I can attest that the jig action sometimes draws strikes when standard stripping or dead-drifting fails. The Jawbreaker looks like a winner.

The jawbreaker is considered a large–and smallmouth fly–but it obviously works for trout, too.
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If you want to know how to tie the Jawbreaker fly he’s using, check out this video. Tim Flagler has also demonstrated the steps for tying a jig-style Pat’s Rubberlegs, which is also a trout-catcher. So the next time you’re dying for a strike, and your friends are around the bend, try one of these jig-style patterns. It just might save the day.

3 thoughts on “Video: A Guide Reveals His “Dirty Trick” for Catching Trout”

  1. Hard to think of a fish that isn’t susceptible to the rise and fall of a jig… bead heads, cone heads… a jig by any other name…

  2. That Flagler jig-style stone has been great for me. Both the chocolate and yellow chenille colors have been productive.

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