Video: Hank Patterson on Taking Your Spouse Fishing

It’s a subject that we have dealt with many times on the Fly Fishing blog—see “Is It a Good Idea to Teach Your Significant Other to Fish?”  Well, leave it to Hank to cut right to the chase. Plus, he sets out the ground rules for any such expedition, including who pays for the beer. I think you can see where this is going. . .

5 thoughts on “Video: Hank Patterson on Taking Your Spouse Fishing”

  1. I met my wife when she took my fly fishing class. She loves it as much as I do. The only drawback is that She doesn’t tie flies so I have to tie twice as many. On the plus side, If I say I want a new fly rod she says “Heck Yes” .

  2. Weak answer Hankie! I always thought the the weaker fisherMAN always bought the beer?!!! I guess some boys don’t play that way! Well, when us gals teach you boys how to fly fish, I’ll take a goat cheese, sprout, and duck wrap….I prefer a rather tasty treat out there! Thanks! Enjoy!

  3. I tried teaching my wife to fly fish, believing that she should learn the same way I learned, by paddling the boat. My Dad taught me to skull so as not to make too much noise or move too much so he could direct the fly to that perfect spot. My wife was more interested in sun bathing, chatting, moving about. She hit the side of the boat with paddle, moved from side to side, screamed when I caught a fish, thought the hood in the mouth was cruel. It didn’t work out. We are now divorced.

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