Video: Hank Patterson Reviews a Vital Casting Tool

Hank Patterson is back with another great review. He simply loves free stuff, so Hank called Tom Rosenbauer for a handout . . um . . . I mean product to review. So we sent him one.

As you’ll see, he just loves the new Practicaster–and he offers an interesting take on why a tool to help you learn how to be a better caster is actually the perfect fly rod.

11 thoughts on “Video: Hank Patterson Reviews a Vital Casting Tool”

  1. He didn’t mention that you don’t need to be concerned with leaders, fly selections, reels, or even a fishing license. Most of the time I don’t catch any fish any way with a real fly rod. I know, it’s not about catching fish so much as the experience.

  2. Please, Orvis. Drop this guy. You have spent how many years building up your brand? He is more annoying than funny and needs to be shown the door.

    1. Orvis is a “serious” brand, for “serious” anglers who hate fun. How will people think we are stuffy and self-righteous if they associate our fully guide worthy trunk full of Orvis kit in the parking lot with this frivolous Hank Patterson? It’s a travesty.

  3. They need to offer the practicaster in a complete range of actions, with different tip flex options. What’s the point of having the capability of custom tuning rod actions for complete novices to deliberate and agonize over and not offering it in the teaching tools they so desperately need?

  4. Always enjoy Hank and his antics! Too many folks take fly fishing way too serious. It is suppose to be fun. Hank brings us back to earth when we take ourselves too serious. Where did I leave my worms?!?

  5. Loved it !

    Hank made my laugh all the way through the video. Keep going like this with a good bit of humour !

  6. One of Hank’s best. He’s what Flyfishing needs to keep it real and remind us it’s just fishing after all. #SendHankTheH3 . He deserves one.

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