Video: Hank Patterson’s 8 Steps To Better Nymph Fishing!

After what seems like years, the great Hank Patterson has returned with another brilliant how-to video. If you’ve ever wondered how you can become a better nympher, everything you need to know is right here: slap it, mend it, set it! But as with all of Hank’s videos, there’s a good dose of life lessons here, as well. For instance, I know that I will be a better father for having seen this.

26 thoughts on “Video: Hank Patterson’s 8 Steps To Better Nymph Fishing!”

    1. If he spoke that way in front of my 10 year old girl while we were fishing together he would be swimming.

  1. I realize this was done partially ‘tongue in cheek” but this guy represents everything wrong in a guide and fly-fishing. What a douche with major daddy issues.

  2. I really disagree with the first two Jabronies that commented on this. Hank is not whats wrong with fly fishing. Its the opposite. The problem with fly fishing is guys who take it too seriously. I love fly fishing more than anything and as a relatively young angler i see so many bitter old men on the river who wont even give me a smile or a wave. Im sure that these videos are simply for comedic relief seeing as “Hank Patterson” Isnt even a real person but actually a character. We need more of that in fly fishing honestly. More smile and laughs and less guys out on the river stone faced and serious. Tight Lines

  3. I also have to disagree with the first two comments. Everything about this is done “tongue in cheek.” I think it’s hilarious and spot on. That’s the entire point. His caricature “Hank” characterizes and is sattire for everything wrong in fly fishing. I love he is having fun with it.

  4. Really? Where is the humor when you have to use a can of beer and swearing to a young lady to make a point. I have to admit that I did not finish the video so maybe there was some redeeming value after I logged off (?). I really have better things to do with my time. Too bad that a great site like Orvis has to lower it’s values like this. What a shame to represent fly fishers to the world as presented here. This is really crap!

    1. Bill, the thing that is really crap is that “fly fishers” like you are so cought up in ” The Movie” style of thinking that you think this sport is still just for elitist. The sport has changed and Orvis represents that change, as they always have. So how about enjoying our sport and the satire from “Hank” if you can. As an eltist I would expect you to be an Angler not a “fisher”, but hey, sometimes elitist, still go back to there spin casting roots.

  5. No, Bill, there was nothing of any more redeeming value later on, except that lazy nymph eating fish should be easy to land (good to know). But, Bill, the video is not supposed to represent fly fisher’s to the world. It’s supposed to mirror the world of fly fishing to fly fishers themselves. No one but a fly angler who spent time with a guide and time on the water around other anglers is going to get most of the satire that is Hank Patterson.

    I guess someone who knows nothing of fly fishing and is exposed to it for the first tine though this video might get the wrong idea. Personally, I want to be there when their Hank Patterson based pre-conceptions stumble up against reality. Pure ironic comedy.

    So, should I stop yelling at people who wade through my section of river when they are a couple of hundred yards downstream?

  6. That was amazing, best Hank Patterson video yet……by far.
    Just chuck it out there like a big old gill net !!

  7. Tom is going to have to watch out, if Hank learns to count to 10 he may put up a challenge to “Tom’s 10 Top Tips” Series of podcasts. 🙂
    My favorite line “you can call it a strike indicator if it makes you feel good but I call it what it is, a bobber”

  8. If you you’re too dense to understand the comedic value of this video and how essentially all of Hank Patterson’s videos are targeted at satire, then you’re way too dense to be fishing in the first place.
    Spending a day fishing with you guys sounds like a real blast!!

  9. Well i have to say that as a new fly fisherman,and yes one who has done pretty much nothing but Nymphing to this point, i think the video was hilarious. People need to lighten up. Maybe its not your type of humor and that is fine but dont take it so serious. Geesh.

    I will learn to sling dry flys but first i need to understand the easiest form of fly fishing and that is Nymphing. Then i will learn drys and streamers. All i can say is that when i go out to the river and i haul in 10-12 browns and rainbows, well that is fun. Way more fun than the guy on drys who caught one all day. But hey at least he is using drys right?

  10. Guess it really depends what you want from your time on the water. If you just wanna catch fish … sure stay with nymphs. But it really is nice switching up. Streamer eating trout are great and the anticipation buildup and satisfaction of fooling a rising trout cannot be beat. Try it…you wont be sorry. IMO there is little sporting value in fishing nymphs…really is as dull as fishing a worm.

    As for this vid. Genious. 100% agreement. Some of you should grow a funny bone.

  11. Also on a recent drift down the Madison we hired a guide. When we told him we wanted to fish streamers he couldnt contain his excitement. How boring would it to be as a guide to watch bobbers day in and day out … hunkered out in one spot

  12. Good stuff. Thanks to Orvis for posting it. I want to hear a podcast with Hank as a guest with Tom. Winston, Marshall and Bill P need to lighten up. Really Bill, you couldn’t watch because he waved a beer in and swore one time in front of the little girl. I bet her parents didn’t mind, or she wouldn’t have been there.

  13. I thought this video was quite amusing. In fact I watched it a second time it was so funny. Thanks Hank

  14. I laughed pretty hard at times. Although far fetched there were many moments that did have a ring of truth and being described like it was make it very entertaining. People who felt offended took it to personal without remembering it is a spoof. I thought of it as if I was a mind reader and could read the guides mind instead of this guy is sitting there really saying this stuff.

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