Video: Hank Patterson’s Reel Montana Adventure Ep. 2

Last month, we featured the first part of Hank Patterson’s Reel Montana Adventure, which saw everyone’s favorite guide finally getting underway. Here, we see how Hank engages with the employees of local fly shops wherever he travels. Recognizing the importance of independent fly shops to the health of fisheries and the angling community, Hank makes sure to purchase something, of course.

Two fly-shop employees are riveted by Hank’s fly-fishing yarn.

3 thoughts on “Video: Hank Patterson’s Reel Montana Adventure Ep. 2”

  1. To be fair, I think this video is mostly for all the fly shop guys out there; as I found it hysterical!

    I’ve worked in a few fly shops out west and though I’ve never met anyone in this video, including Hank Patterson, I’d bet the only reason the shop guys were able to hold it together was because they hear nearly as ridiculous stuff from locals and customers on a daily basis.

    Besides mispronouncing a dozen common things, as Hank commonly does, there were inside shop-jokes everywhere if you listened closely. The “$500 dollar jacket” had to be a slick (and well timed) jab at a certain wader company, and when the one guy sneaks away ‘and the other is stuck with motor mouth’ happens several times a day in a fly shop. It’s a running joke, or has been in every shop I’ve worked.

    When Hank only comes up to the counter with 3 flies after all the big talk about buying the most expensive items and wasting the shop guys time — only to put back 2 flies and only buy 1 — then pays with a credit card and wants “a nice cup and bag to put them in” is not only a riot, but has happened at least 20 times in my career (and is a bit of insight into why the employee turnover is so high at fly shops).

    Hank’s individual videos might not always be understood or enjoyed by the majority of folks out there, but it’s important to note I think (as a series); he’s managed to make everyone who fly fishes laugh at least once. In my case more than a few times.

    Thanks Hank!

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