Video: Happy Tom on the Bow River in Calgary

Tom Evenson, Orvis Western ELOG* Director, has been featured on this blog many times (see here, here, and here, for instance), but he’s never been the star of a video. . .until now. He was in Calgary, Alberta, to visit Dave and Amelia of Jensen Fly Fishing, who have added a drone to their arsenal of killer video tools. I’ll let Dave describe the action:

The weather had been stormy and the river levels seriously fluctuating in flow and visibility. This day, we began with 3 or 4 feet of visibility but the lightning and heavy rain smacked us hard. No matter, we simply changed tactics and began mining the river with big, deep running streamers. This is Alberta’s Bow River – and it’s having a hell of a year for big, fat fish. To be honest, this rainbow wasn’t quite average of what we tagged this day. We hope you enjoy the beauty of the Bow and the surrounding countryside.

The sequence of Tom fishing under a log where a slough empties back into the river is worth the price of admission. Look at what that fish does as soon as its hooked!

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