Video: Heart of the Driftless Teaser & Trailer

Director Robert Thompson has released his full-length feature, Heart of the Driftless, on vimeo on demand, so you can enjoy the hour-long feature, as well as six shorter videos, ranging from 16 minutes to a minute and a half. Here’s how Thompson describes his project:

In the world of fly fishing, the Drifltess area of SW Wisconsin is considered a hidden gem tucked away in the Midwestern United States. There are many who would argue the Drifltess is a poor man’s Montana, in fact, there are more miles of trout waters in the Driftless than there is in Montana.
The film Heart of the Driftless will introduce you to streams, many of them no wider than the length of your rod, full of wild browns and brook trout providing some of the best fly fishing in the world, with hundreds of miles of public access waters.

Regular blog readers should be familiar with Thompson’s work, including Reverb, The River, and The Brothers Brown. This is a gorgeous feature, which you can stream for 24 houes ($5.99) or buy ($11.99).

Click here to check out Heart of the Driftless on vimeo on demand.

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