Video: Help Save the Stunning Browns of Kakapo Brook

Written by: Dave Jensen, Jensen Fly Fishing

[Editor’s note: The videos, photos, and stories of Dave and Amelia Jensen have provided readers of this blog with endless entertainment over the years, so when I saw this plea to save one of their favorite streams, I had to share it. Even if you’re not from New Zealand, making your voice heard will perhaps convince the powers that be that the value of the angling resource outweighs the short-term gains of the proposed plan.]

Never in a million years would we disclose a location like this one. We’ve fished this tiny tributary to the Hope River in North Canterbury once or twice a year for many years, never sharing it. It’s a special climb through a stunning gorge. Every year, we’re greeted by what is likely the same nesting pair of Karearea, New Zealand’s native falcon, as it calls out and swoops down.

When we meander through the long gorge, we don’t see many fish, never any people—just bush and a small stream. But we either share it with you now or we lose it. The tiny Kakapo Brook is about to have its future destroyed via a power/irrigation dam. Unless you take the time to visit and write a short sentence saying “NO” to a dam on one of the last industry-free streams.

Click here to make your voice heard and help stop this dam.

15 thoughts on “Video: Help Save the Stunning Browns of Kakapo Brook”

  1. Thanks for alerting us to the issue and providing the link. I hope everyone who believes in protecting what we love and who have come to respect the Jensens will click thru and participate in the petition..

  2. NH USA wants to help!

    I support the right of sportsmen (and women) to responsibly use the earth’s unmolested natural resources for recreation!

  3. Please consider signing this petition. Intensive dairy and irrigation schemes in Canterbury are illegitimate. They have no basis in environmental science or democracy, especially since the current National government suspended Water Conservation Orders on the Rakaia and Rangitata and fired the democratically elected Environment Canterbury, and they’ve reneged repeatedly on promises to restore democracy. This is nothing less than anti-environmental fascism and water theft.

  4. I would love to introduce that beautiful piece of artwork to the bitterroot valley rivers in Montana better place to be!

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